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          Tanwen's short story success

          Congratulations to Tanwen in Year 7 for coming Highly Commended in her age group in the National Book Tokens and Puffin Short Story award, for her story ‘In a world full of cream be the crimson’, earning her £50 of book tokens.

          We caught up with Tanwen to ask what her inspiration was to write this creative and unique story (see in full below). She told us that upon hearing who the judge was - Robin Stevens, her favourite author – she immediately put pen to paper! As for the story itself? Tanwen explains “I like ski-ing and it is set in a resort. I like the story The Woman in Black, so this is the Woman in Crimson! Red suggests a great contrast with snow.”

          It would appear Tanwen has always had a flair for English with it being her favourite subject. Since a young age, she has written stories. Tanwen comments: “Narrative is my favourite thing to do in English and I love reading and get ideas from that.”

          Asking Tanwen what the future holds, she states that her ambition is to have a better planet than the one today. 读写能力 wise, Tanwen quite fancies becoming a horror writer – the female version of Stephen King. 

          Many of the Fairfield community may remember Robin Stevens (author of the critically-acclaimed and award-winning ‘Murder Most Unladylike’ series), visited Fairfield two years ago to share her rise to fame. In doing so, she inspired Year 7 students with her infectious energy, knowledge and enthusiasm, before treating students to a special book signing.

          In a world full of cream be the crimson

          Are you afraid of heights? Because I’m the only of my tiresome family that’ll ski the tallest, iciest mountain in Switzerland. Ever since I was a freckled, short-haired six-year-old I’ve wanted to ski this. As I sat in the rickety cable-car, I stared at the pristine, shimmering snow as it glistened and dazzled my eyes. Like a giant land of whipped cream, the mountains tempted me.

          Gradually, the cable-car came to the top.  Although I still had two shaky cable-cars to take, I don’t think in my whole adventurous life I’ve ever felt so joyful - my major dream was coming true! Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a tall, thin lady in a crimson dress wearing a crooked smile standing about one metre away from me. What was she thinking? Did she want to die of hyperthermia? And where were her skis? I gave a puzzled look and hopped back onto the next cable-car. All the way up there, I couldn’t stop thinking about that mysterious, doll-like lady.

          The penultimate lift came to the top and I stepped onto the powdery, icing- sugar land. Curiously, the crimson-dressed lady was standing outside. How? There’s only one lift so surely I would have seen her take it with me. Surreptitiously, she walked towards me and stopped when she was 50 cm away or so. Quickly, I ran to the next lift - however I was dreading getting to the top in case I saw her again.

          Strangely, Miss Crimson Dress wasn’t anywhere to be seen - so I knew it must be my wild mind playing tricks on me. “Ruby!” a scary, yet sweet voice said behind me. For a second the world stopped spinning; I turned around and yelled a scream ear-piercingly loud and so high-pitched the whole mountain could probably hear it… 

          Everyone at Team Fairfield wishes Tanwen the best of luck with her exceptional talent in the future.





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