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          House Cake Competition

          During this last term we ran a house cake competition, with some magnificent results! Well done to all those students who took the time to bake imaginatively and send in their entries.

          It was a tricky task narrowing down our finalists, but we got there! Massive congratulations to the following students for their efforts – the winning student from each house has received a Love to Shop voucher. 

          In no particular order, the first winner is Robert, 7N in Amethyst House for his Raspberry, Blueberry and White Chocolate Lockdown 2020 Cake. Robert explained his choice of making the most of the fresh, seasonal, soft berries and incorporating them into an Amethyst themed cake.

          Sapphire House’s winner is Owen in 8R for this creative funfetti cake containing lots of sprinkles and is in the shape of a shield from Zelda. Owen explains "The cake has got vanilla essence inside but half the sugar is replaced by the three small pots of multi-coloured sprinkles so that the inside is colourful. It also has custard icing to bind the two tiers together."

          The winner of Emerald House is Kiera in 7S for these yummy ice cream cupcakes, which sit perfectly inside the cones with buttercream icing, sprinkles and a flake on top:

          Finally, the winner of Ruby House is Grace in 9L who created a gluten-free chocolate cake with white chocolate buttercream and fudge icing, decorated with raspberries and oreos on top (as requested by her Auntie!). Grace proudly comments: “I bake all the time but everyone said it was the best chocolate cake they've ever had, it was all gone in less than five minutes!!”

          We would also like to give our runners up recognition for their amazing efforts (ALL THE PHOTOS CAN BE VIEWED HERE), in particular:


          Rose, 8N comments: "I used a smooth, milk chocolate shell with a creamy, milk chocolate ganache centre. I also used a silicone mould to get the shape and chilled them in the fridge to set. They were successful and it was my first time making chocolates.

          "Next I made sparkly unicorn cupcakes for my little cousin's birthday. She was turning five and usually my parents get the presents but I wanted to chip in as well so I made vanilla cupcakes with a funfetti sprinkle middle and vanilla buttercream spread on top. I then topped them with edible glitter and unicorn wafers and flowers to make them magical for her birthday."

          George in 8N for the spicy chicken enchiladas he made for his whole family.


          Charlie in 7R - Charlie has been becoming more and more confident in the kitchen since lockdown and has been cooking meals for his family. He has also made cupcakes for his brother’s 16th birthday, pastas and salads! Charlie has also very generously given up his time to make lots of chocolate crispy cakes for the staff in the ICU at Southmead Hospital – what a superstar!

          Bayleigh in 7R made a delicious looking chocolate cake complete with chocolate buttercream and sprinkles.

          Emilie in 8Q who baked meringue cookies for the first time! They look delicious!

          EMERALD HOUSE:

          Maya in 7S. She comments: "This is my entry for the baking competition! I have made cake pops, they are a form of cake styled as a lollipop with chocolate/ frosting/ decoration on top. I should win since they taste delicious, I made these with no adult help, this is my hobby during lockdown and they are unique and not sold in most shops!"

          Frankie in Year 7T made some delicious homemade pretzels. "They are an enriched dough which is boiled in water and then baked to give it a soft, light and fluffy inside but a crispy salty crust. They are a great breakfast with jam or Nutella in. They can also however be a nice lunch with cheese and salad inside."

          Freya in 7T made chocolate eclairs. She explains: "I started off with the choux pastry then I made the creme patisserie. Finally, I glazed the top with dark chocolate and viola! This whole process took about four hours as the creme pat needed to cool for three, it's a fairly easy bake and the result is delicious and looks amazing!"

          Toby in 7S was inspired by his drama homework, and sculpted a very impressive RMS Titanic out of a watermelon!

          RUBY HOUSE:

          Josh in 10L. Josh tells Team Fairfield: "Me and my mum baked in memory of my grand dad who passed before Christmas, for Greek Orthodox Easter this year - traditional baking of Tsoureki - Greek sweet Easter bread - mine is the big one! And Greek cookies (koulouria) flavoured with orange and vanilla - didn’t last long!"

          Ammal in 9M for her beautifully presented victoria sponge cake!

          Frances in 7L for her delightful orange cake with orange syrup.

          Luke in 7L for his original palma violet cupcakes!

          Well done to all the students who made such an effort in this competition - the entries were of a really high standard... we only wish we could have given them a taste test!






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