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          The Fairfield Curriculum is personalised. It is built around students’ individual needs and rooted in our view that all students should enjoy learning, become positive citizens of Britain 和 the World, while also leaving us with the qualifications they need.

          Our Fairfield Values (see below) underpin school life 和 allow our students to build skills for a healthy, vibrant, future.


          Below are links to an overview of the curriculum for each subject 和 each year group, that we offer: 

          创意公关 (英语, 国籍 和 PSHE, Child Development, 健康和社会保健 & 经) 

          数学概念 (数学)

          科学概念 (科学 & 计算机科学)

          ENGINEERING, TECHNOLOGY & ART (Art, Engineering, Food Technology, Fine Art, Art Graphics, Photography, Design Engineering & Manufacture 工程)

          人文 (Geography, History & RE) 

          现代外语 (French, German, Spanish & Arabic)

          PHYSICAL EDUCATION & PERFORMING ARTS (PE, Sport 科学, 音乐, Performing Arts, Dance & Drama) 


          Our commitment to the above is reflected in our core curriculum offer. Every young person leaves Fairfield with a GCSE in 国籍, after three years of our ilearn程序; the effect of this is evident in every aspect of school life. We have a strong student council, a group of student ambassadors who are beginning to lead on research, 和 several societies representing various groups. A former 学生头 has left behind the legacy of his “Fairfield Against Apathy” project, which motivated our young people to act on their moral values by, for example, raising funds for charity, or engaging our local community. 


          To complement and support the curriculum, the school offers a variety of local, national 和 international trips, as well as 课外机会 for students to extend their knowledge and understanding and to improve their skills in a range of artistic, creative and sporting activities. Our leaders include a Global Learning co-ordinator, a Creativities Co-ordinator, 和 a Learning Outside the Classroom Co-ordinator – all of whom ensure the full scope of our curriculum is met.


          We are responsive to the national educational l和scape, thus ensuring that our students can compete robustly with all students nationally. All students have the opportunity to take EBacc qualifications (数学英语科学人文 和 语言) 强制旁边 宗教研究 和 国籍加选项 音乐戏剧,舞蹈工程, 食物和营养健康和社会保健计算机科学一系列艺术学科 和 体育科学. This ensures strong links to the local employment landscape. More than this, the variety of options guarantees that our young people thrive in pursuit of their passions, whatever they might be. We continue to seek student and parent voice with regard to options offered 和 aim to be responsive to student requests wherever possible. In addition to this, our dedicated teachers run regular tuition sessions to support wide array of skills within subjects

          During Key Stage Three, students will have had the opportunity to explicitly experience most of the fields above, so that they can make informed choices when it comes to options time at GCSE.



          The Fairfield curriculum is personalised, built around students’ individual needs and designed to promote a love of learning 和 the best possible springboard for students’ next steps in education training or employment.


          We are committed to developing a strong, harmonious community: the British values of democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law and mutual respect 和 tolerance are themes which underpin our curriculum. Our students all leave Fairfield with a GCSE in 国籍, alongside their other qualifications.

          3。    如何我们的课程符合国家方针和优先事项?

          We are responsive to the national educational landscape, ensuring that our students can compete robustly with all students nationally. All students have the opportunity to take Ebacc qualifications (数学, 英语, 科学, 人文 and 语言) alongside 工程, 音乐, 戏剧,舞蹈, Classical Civilisation, 食物和营养, 计算机科学, 一系列艺术学科 and PE. A good range of options ensures our young people thrive 和 can follow their passions, whatever they might be. Our dedicated teachers run regular after school tuition sessions to help embed a wide array of skills in their subjects.

          At Key Stage Three, the curriculum is broad, with everyone studying two modern languages, dance, music and drama as well as STEM 和 a full range of Ebacc subjects.



          · achieve the best possible academic qualifications and standards for them, whatever their academic starting point, 和 regardless of race, gender, sexuality or individual learning need.




          The Principal and the school leadership team (SLT) work with EAT partners, other staff 和 the governors to ensure that:


          ·         the teaching time and resource budgets are drawn up fairly, to provide the most desirable 和 efficient use of resources



          Please contact our Assistant Vice Principal Ms Farina Ackerman with any curriculum related queries: fackerman@fairfield.excalibur.org.uk

          If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us 和 this will be provided free of charge

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