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          Please use the links below to download our Policies.

          If you would like to obtain copies of any policies not provided on the website, please contact the school. As Fairfield High School is now part of the Excalibur Academy Trust, all Policies are being reviewed to be Excalibur wide policies.

          All admissions information, policies and catchment maps can be found by visiting //excalibur.org.uk/home/about-us/admissions

          Charging and Remissions Policy

          Concerns and Complaints Policy

          Data Protection (GDPR)

          Equalities Information & Objectives

          Health & Safety Policy

          Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) Policy - DRAFT

          SEN Policy

          Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy

          Excalibur Academies Trust Whistle Blowing Policy

          Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

          Safeguarding and Child Protection update (April 2020)



          1. Attendance and Punctuality Policy
          2. Behaviour Policy
          3. DRAFT Exams Policy
          4. FHS Policy for Literacy
          5. Lost Property Procedure
          6. Sex and Relationships Policy

          If a parent requires a paper copy of the information on the school's website, please contact us and this will be provided free of charge

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